Dog Theft - Keeping Your Dog Safe

Dog thefts have been increasing over the last few years, with the home and garden being the top locations for pet theft. We're sharing this great article from Dogs Trust, there's some great tips and advice for keeping your pets safe.

We urge dog owners to be vigilant and not leave their dogs unattended in public places, as well as considering a number of small changes you can make to help protect your pet.

Our dogs play such a huge part in our lives and it is important for us to offer them the same care and protection given to all family members. Whether two legs or four, we all want to be kept safe!

By following these three simple steps from the Dog's Trust, you can reduce the risk of theft and offer the best possible chance of being reunited with your dog should they go missing.

  • SAFE - Secure your property and garden
  • SPOTTABLE - Keep them in sight and trained to return
  • SEARCHABLE - Know what steps to take if they go missing

To help raise awareness about keeping your dog safe from dog theft, please view the Dogs Trust Family Pawtrait’ video!

Download Their Helpful Factsheet 

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