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Give Your Pooch Some Dog Bowl Chic

Dog Bowl Dog Bowl Holder

As the owners of two lively German shepherds, we know how important it is to buy quality products that our dogs are going to enjoy using or playing with.

There’s plenty of choice out there nowadays, online as well as at you’re the local pet store. Because we’re dog lovers and owners, we like to think we bring a certain understanding and care to the products we have developed. If you want something with a high degree of chic that is also practical, why not buy a wall mounted dog bowl and holder from our online store?

Other feeding stations can be a little on the bulky side. You can end up knocking into them while you’re trying to cook or get out the back door. They can also be difficult to clean. With a dedicated team who are all part of a family owned business, we wanted to create a great product that was a lot more user friendly. Of course, it also helps that we’re nuts for dogs as well.

One of the selling points for our dog bowl is that the holder can be removed easily from the wall bracket and cleaned when you need it. You can also install it practically anywhere. 

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