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    100% Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags for the Eco conscious dog owner. They can degrade in as little as 24 months and don't generate greenhouse gases.You may pay a little extra for but helping to keep harmful greenhouse gases out of the environment has to be worth it. :)

    **Special Offer - Buy two boxes of bags on rolls and get a FREE dispenser - Includes extra 15 bags! Just add dispenser to your order from the drop down menu above and it will be discounted automatically when you check out** 

    240 Bags on Rolls (NO handles)
    These Eco Friendly poo bags are easy to use, simply detach from the roll, great for use with dispensers. 

    • 1 box = 16 rolls of 15 bags - Total 240 Bags
    • Bag Size: 23cm Wide x 33cm Long
    • 15 micron thick

    240 Small Bags on Rolls (with handles)
    These bags are ideal smaller pooches, simply detach from the roll, great for use with dispensers.

    • 1 box = 16 rolls of 15 bags - Total 240 Bags
    • Bag Size: 11.5cm Wide x 34cm Long (closed bag)
    • 15 micron thick

    375 Bags on Rolls (with handles)

    Finally a bag with handles that come on a roll. These dark green bags are strong and ideal for small/medium poops! 

    • 1 box = 25 rolls of 15 bags - Total 375 Bags
    • Bag Size: 25cm Long (not including handles)  x 12cm Wide straight off the roll - widest point once opened approx 23cm.
    • 15 microns thick

    Fits nicely in your pocket - NOTE these can be a bit of a tight fit with the dispenser listed. 

    300 Boxed Poop Bags with Handles
    100% Biodegradable Large Dog Poo Bags stacked in 3 packs of 100 and sensibly packaged for ease of use. 

    • 1 box = 300 bags
    • Bag Size:- 37m long x 18cm wide - extra wide opening of 10cm 
    • 15 micron thick with easy tie handles 

    500 Boxed Poop Bags with Handles
    Extra large box for those pet parents who get through them pretty quick. Still 100% Biodegradable this large poo bags come in 5 stacks of 100 bags in single box. 

    • 1 box = 500 bags
    • Bag Size:- 38cm long x 18cm wide - extra wide opening of 12cm
    • 17 micron thick with easy tie handles 

    Not sure on what size would be best? Why not order a Sample Pack containing one of each size before purchasing a full box. Packs cost £1.50 of which £1 is donated to Dog charities at the end of the year for dog's spending Christmas in kennels. 

    How do these differ from other eco-friendly bags?
    **Oxo- Biodegradable - Whether they are buried in soil or used in those special garden dog bins  these will completely degrade into natural carbon dioxide and water in as little as 24 months using Oxo technology. (for more in depth information on how this works see this document)

    If they are placed in bins that go to landfill they will biodegrade in parts of the landfill where oxygen is present, and although degradation cannot continue if it goes deep into the landfill these bags will not generate harmful methane (greenhouse gases) like compostable bags and other plastics. 

    *Exo bio-renewable bags are made with 20% renewable material which is made from waste Sea Shells, this encourages microbial activity to accelerate the biodegradation. 

    **Subscriptions - Because subscriptions have discounted shipping and cheaper product prices the free shipping does apply.

    ALL Bags are unscented and all sizes are approx

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    Biodegradable dog poo bags

    Good handy size and easy to use. Received in the post within a couple of days of ordering

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Great poo bagd

    Great bags Strong and sturdy Great product Great price

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Good quality and value

    Ordered doggy **** bags, biodegradable and with tie handle. They are the right size for easy carrying and can be opened quickly and easily (very important at this time of year when it can be difficult to spot the target) . Very pleased and will be ordering more when I need them. Thank you for the sample salmon treats, but sadly my little dog has few teeth left and struggled with them as they were a bit hard for her:)

    Judy N.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Dog poo bags

    Good - excellent service, great product. Would use again

    Carol T.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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