KONG HandiPOD Clean Dispenser

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    Great for when you are out and about with your dog. Whether it's cleaning up the poop or handling those slobbery tennis balls, the KONG HandiPOD clean dispenser combines a poo bag dispenser with a useful anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.

    The hand gel is independently proven effective against germs, leaving hands feeling clean and refreshed with no sticky residue.

    The unit is made from high quality ABS plastic is double rubber coated and the carabiner makes it easily to attach to belt loop or lead.

    Based on some web reviews seen elsewhere the bags may not be as robust as hoped, we will therefore include a roll of bags from our Bio-degradable range.

    Top Tip: The best way to get a single bag out of the pod is to pull a bag out until you can hold onto the remaining bags before giving it a sharp tug, otherwise a number of bags may unroll. 

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