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    Great for those dogs that love to play tug and or chew on a rope toy, this selection of ropes come in all sizes so there's sure to be one suitable for your pooch.
    (Please note - only the Fetchstix is KONG branded)

    Branch out with a new KONG FetchStix, great for throw and fetch, the added ropes make it easier to play tug for those pooches that love a challenge. Crinkle noise adds to the fun. (While these do have a squeaker they can be difficult to locate/work)
    - Medium approx 17"
    - Large approx 19"

    This great combination toy is asking to be tugged and chewed, great for solo and interactive time with your dog. This cotton rope toy is interspersed with rope winds and chew toys made from super strong thermoplastic. 

    PLAY ROPE (46CM)
    A multi function activity toy with lots of extras to keep dogs amused. A unique shape combining rope twists with a large chew ring and bone made from super strong thermoplastic, the ultimate in entertainment. Two colours Blue/Red & Yellow/Green.
    (Colour selected at random unless specified)

    These cotton rope toys are perfect for chewing and help to clean the dog’s teeth and maintain healthy gums. Made from strong twisted cotton rope these tuggers are available in 6 sizes and two colours Blue/Red & Yellow/Green.
    (Colour selected at random unless specified)
    - X-Small 20cm
    - Small 30cm
    - Medium 40cm
    - Large 50cm
    - X-Large 66cm
    - Super 81cm

    A giant, heavy duty, tug toy that is sure to give the most dogs a challenge. This super size Tugger is 76cm long and folded and knotted to provide double the thickness – perfect for even the largest of breeds. It also helps maintain healthy teeth and gums.

    **Colours may vary/Sizes approx.

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