Shipping Pass

Shipping Pass

  • £ 23.00
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    Great value for those customers who buy on a regular basis but don't want a subscription.

    For £23 you can buy a yearly shipping pass. This gives you shipping for 12 months from date of purchase. A saving of £12.88 if you were to order on a monthly basis (based on 2nd class postage).

    How it works:
    • Just add this pass to your order, we will then end you a special code to use on future orders. Use this each time you shop and there's no extra charge for shipping. 
    • Passes last for 12 month from date of purchase
    • Once it has been activated and used once there can be no refunds. 
    • For UK customers only
    • Pass is for 2nd class only
    • Can only be used against 1 x email/postal address

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