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    Our Snackiwoofs range are fabulous fish based biscuit treats that are made in the UK and have only a few ingredients. Low Fat, Gluten, Grain,Wheat free and Hypoallergenic so ideal for those dogs that need fewer calories or have sensitive tummies. 

    Packed with naturally occurring Omega 3 they are available in regular, large and xlarge resealable packs, they are suitable for dogs over 14 weeks old and have a 12 month shelf life.  (Feed as part of a balanced diet.)
    X No Artificial Preservatives
    X No Additives/Fillers
    X No Wheat/Grains

    These are a good size treat (30-40mm dia) that can easily be broken into smaller pieces if necessary. Made with just two ingredients: 85% Fish & 15% Potato

    Analytical Constituents
    Protein 42.8g/100g
    Total Carbohydrate 27.8g/100g
    Fat 8.5g/100g
    **Crude Ash 14.7g/100g
    Fibre 1.6g/100g

    Another good size treat (30-40m dia) easily broken into smaller pieces and have just three ingredients: 50% Salmon / 40% Whitefish / 10% Potato.

    Analytical Constituents
    Protein 34.5g/100g
    Total Carbohydrate 21.9g/100g
    Fat 25.5g/100g
    **Crude Ash 12g/100g
    Fibre 6.8g/100g

    These small cubes are made from just one ingredient - 100% Whitefish skins.
    Min size is 15mm square - Max size 30mm

    Analytical Constituents
    Protein 78.5g/100g
    Total Carbohydrate <0.1g/100g
    Fat 2.4g/100g
    Crude Ash 18.1g/100g
    Fibre <0.5g/100g

    **Crude Ash represents the mineral content of the treats and is determined chemically by the burning of the product.

    All sizes are approximate

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