So what is Crude ash?
Crude ash contained in dry food/treats is the percentage of inorganic substances; i.e. the minerals. The name, crude ash, is derived from the fact that analytical breakdown is what is left after the food/treats have been incinerated. By incinerating the treats the main nutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) become ash, which consists of the minerals contained in the ingredients.

Fish Treats

Whitefish Skin Cubes
Analytical constituents: Crude protein 84.4%  Crude fat 0.3%
Crude fibre 9.2%  Moisture 0% 

Made in the UK using sustainable fishing. Sustainable fishing means: ensuring sustainable fish stocks, minimising environmental impact, effective fisheries management.

Ideal for
• Dogs who require low fat treats
• Dogs who suffer from food allergies
• Grain free
• Good for teeth health – they are crunchy and their texture can help remove tartar build up
• Dogs with sensitive digestive systems

Training Biscuits
Wheat gluten free, made with oats, barley, pure fruit, flaxseed and seaweed

Apple, Banana & Carrot
Analytical constituents: Crude Protein 10%, Crude Oil & fats 12.5%, Crude Fibres 4%, Crude Ash 3% 375kcal/100g

Honey & Banana
Analytical constituents: Crude Protein 10%, Crude Oil & fats 13%, Crude Fibres 3.5%, Crude Ash 3%, 380kcal/100g

Strawberry & Apple
Analytical constituents: Crude Protein 10%, Crude Oil & fats 13.5%, Crude Fibres 3%, Crude Ash 3%, 386kcal/100g

Important facts
• Fats are very important in a dog’s diet as they help give dogs energy as well as aiding digestion and help keep their coat and skin healthy.

• Milled flaxseed are rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as linolenic acid, Omega 6 and Omega 3. Milled flaxseed contains these beneficial oils as well as fibres components that aid digestion.

• Seaweed or kelp is a sea vegetable which is one of the best source of minerals including iodine and amino acids. Sea vegetables are an ideal food for dogs because unlike most plant sources, they are easy to digest. Seaweeds are rich in protein and low in salt and fat.

Ideal for
• All breeds and all life stages (from 14 wks)
• Dogs with intolerance to wheat
• The Strawberry & Apple biscuits are smaller making them ideal for training

Dried Treats
Venison Treats
100% air-dried wild British venison meat in a collagen casing (prepared for 250g meat per 100g finished product) no additives.
Composition: Venison meat (prepared from 250g meat per 100g finished product), collagen casing

British Beef Liver Bites
A healthy snack, high in protein. Do not feed to puppies under the age of 14 weeks old. 100% air-dried British beef liver, no artificial colourings.
Composition: Beef liver
Suitable for BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet.

Important facts
• Like most red meat, venison is a source of protein, zinc, iron and selenium, and has excellent Omega 3 properties. It is nature’s health conscious meat, packed full of rich flavours and nutrients but with low levels of cholesterol and fat.

Fat on a deer does not marble in the same way as lamb, which results in healthier fat levels.

A good source of protein, an outstanding source of iron and one of the best sources of vitamins B, vitamin A, D3 & E (for healthy teeth, bones, skin, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties).

Ideal for
• All breeds and all life stages (from 14 wks)
• Dogs with allergies (venison is a hypo-allergenic meat)

Venison is ethically sourced and supplied by estates throughout the Scottish highlands.

This high quality and nutritious product conforms to our rigorous quality standards and ensures that we always deliver a top end product for your dog.

The supplier has both SALSA (Safe And Local Supplier Approval) and SQWV (Scottish Quality Wild Venison) accreditations, and is the only game supplier in Scotland to have achieved this.