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Charity Donations

How we work with charities.

image of dog with charity tinWe get so many requests to donate items to fundraising and charity auctions that we simply can't donate to all of them. As a small business our funds are very limited, so we have carefully chosen the charities we want to help. We've promised to donate 10% of our annual profit to dog charities. 

Rather than just sending out a never ending stream of free products at our own expense, we have taken the decision that we will not donate items to strangers. We will only consider requests from actual customers. In return for their custom we will try to support our customers passion to help their favorite charities, rather than a complete stranger who's never actually supported our business.

While we may not donate items we are happy to set up a discount code for you to give out to help you raise funds, any orders we get using that code we will donate the discount given to the charity. For further information please email through our 'Contact Us' page.