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Note from Kong about their Toys

All KONG toys are tested extensively before being put on the market. However, we have learned that every dog has a unique chewing temperament, and it is not necessarily predictable by size or breed.

We understand that each dog is and will be different in their chewing temperament and how they play with and use their toys. This experience has shown us that even the smallest dog may be more tenacious than a dog four or five times the size. That is why we have tried to design a wide variety of toys and products for dogs.

We also realize that it can be quite a challenge to supervise a pet and attempt to control what they eat. As puppies grow they give you an indication of their developing chewing temperament. This can be gauged by observing the level of destruction and longevity of their toys. Some dogs, regardless of breed and size, can be very gentle on their toys and their toys may last them many years.

Whilst other dogs may be tough on their toys and are able to destroy them with ease over a short period of time. Factoring in that every individual dog has its own unique chewing temperament, its size and breed aren’t the only factors relevant to determining the size and strength toy required by an individual dog to meet its chewing needs.

The packaging for KONG Toys give the consumer very important safety and proper use for each toys. Supervised use only and to discontinue use if damaged.

We do realize that this can be quite a challenge with some pets; however, owners must follow the instructions provided by KONG to ensure proper use of their toys.

Our KONG Core Strength are intended for interactive games, and if customers would like a durable toy for chewing then we recommend our rubber and dental range for this.

KONG Rubber toys are well known for their durability and suitability as a chew toy, provided the correct size and strength KONG has been selected based on an individual dog's size and chewing temperament requirements.

Additionally, KONG does recommend sizing up if a dog destroys a KONG in a short period of time. The size increases the thickness of the rubber making it harder for a dog to get leverage on the product and therefore making it less prone to destruction.