In keeping with our ethos of providing good quality products for your dog, we have put together a small team of fur babies who will be helping us put some of the new products we stock through their paces.

These are all independent pet parents/customers, we don't pay them for their testing, so you can be sure of unbiased honest feedback by pet parents who care about the products they use for their dogs.

So how will it work?
If you visit a product page without any regular customer reviews it will have 'Product Tester Reviews' within the description, this will hopefully help you when making a buying decision :)

Meet the team:

5-month-old Alf has a loving personality, enjoys socialising and splashing around in water. While he loves soft toys, his mom Amanda says he soon destroys them! He has learnt lots of commands and is highly motivated by biscuits! 

The gorgeous Millie, who’s super power is to shred a toy in less than a minute! She loves hers walks and swimming. Her mom Zoe likes to spoil her when she can.

The beautiful Holly is almost 15 years old! Dad James said, she likes her treats and takes things easy these days.

This is father and daughter duo Charlie, who is 7 years and Tia who is 2 years old. According to human dad James, Charlie is the same as Holly and likes his treats, while Tia loves her toys!

This big softie is the first of Gillian’s brood of four furbabies. Her mom said she's so chilled out and her favourite thing is to get brushed. She pushes everyone else out of her way!


According to mom Gillian, Amber is fiesty and loves to play tug of war with Teddy!

Is a Hound Cross who loves her long walks and like Bella she would lie down all day to be groomed.

He’s gentle and easy going... until it comes to food. He loves his food and everyone else's if he gets the chance!