Luxury Dog Pamper Kit

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    Do you have a spoilt rotten pooch who deserves the best? Our ultimate luxury pamper kit contains only natural and/or organic products, so you can be sure your pooch will feel pampered from head to tail!

    What's in the box? - Over £70 worth of Organic/Natural Products based on RRP

    Natural 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo (RRP £9.99)
    Made with 100% natural oils and built-in natural flea deterrent this is ideal for extra shine and coat care. Enriched with organic grapefruit and mandarin oil to deep clean and boost shine. a one-step solution to healthy, detangled, fragrance skin and coats.

    Organic Dog Freshener Spray (RRP £9.99)
    Made with a beautiful blend of organic ingredients including eucalyptus, bergamot and peppermint oil, this daily freshener spray is the ideal solution for invigorating and deodorising your dog in-between washes.

    Organic Dog Paw Balm
    (RRP £14.95)
    Using only the finest blend of organic essential oils & butters, this deeply moisturising paw balm is ideal for protecting and soothing your dogs paws. it can help heal dry, cracked & damaged pads worn out by a naturally active lifestyle.  

    Organic Dog Nose Balm (RRP £14.95)
    Made in the UK from all natural ingredients this nourishing nose balm will do wonders for your dog's dry nose. 

    Topical Tear Cleaner (RRP £9.99)
    With it's delicate blend of antibacterial ingredients this gentle cleaner helps remove unsightly tear and saliva stains with cucumber to brighten and aloe vera to soothe & protect, leaving eyes and fur healthy & irritation free.

    Topical Ear Cleaner (RRP £9.99)
    With it's relieving blend of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties, this cleaner gently eliminates blocked earwax and dirt, leaving the ear canal hygienically clean and odour free. Recommended after bathing or swimming

    100% Natural Healthy Dog Treats x 2 packs (RRP £2.00 ea)
    Love your dog with these healthy dog treats. Made with only ethically sourced 100% natural ingredients. There are no additives, added sugars, salts, dyes, chemicals or enhanced shelf life or meat meal fillers.

    Kit also Includes Cotton Wash Cloth

    Made with 100% cotton Size: W30cm x L30cm. 

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