KONG Puppy Toys

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    How exciting to get a new puppy into the family, they are sure to bring lots of fun and happiness, along with a few mishaps! :)

    Our selection of KONG puppy toys are ideal for keeping them entertained and happy. Made from Natural Rubber you can fill them with treats and freeze to offer a greater challenge. (Tip: Soak treats in water to soften them before stuffing the toy and freezing)

    Made from KONG'S exclusive puppy rubber formula, it's specifically designed to ease those teething gums. You can even stuff the inside with treats to create a mental challenge while helping them learn correct chewing habits. 

    Available in: Small 8.9cm and Medium/Large 11.4cm 

    Great for beginning games of fetch and retrieve. Made with KONG¹s exclusive puppy rubber formula it's specifically designed to ease teething gums while teaching correct chewing habits. 

    Available in: Small 6.4cm and Medium/Large 7.6cm

    Perfectly sized for puppies this fun interactive toss and tug toy is made with durable reinforced nylon fabric. With a tennis ball in the top and a squeaker ball underneath it's sure to bring them plenty of playtime fun. The long tails make it easy to pick up and throw.

    Size: 21cm
    With it's exclusive Denta-Ridges™ this teething stick gently cleans teeth and soothe sore gums when chewed. Fill ridges with treat paste and freeze for extra effectiveness and fun.

    Available in: Small 8cm / Medium 9cm / Large 12cm

    Specially designed for a teething puppy, the Puppy Binkie helps soothe sore gums. As with the other puppy toys you can fill the centre with treats and freeze.

    Available in Small 11.5cm / Medium 13cm

    PLEASE NOTE: Every puppy has different chewing habits, while KONG toys are designed to be Durable they are not Indestructible. 

    All sizes approx. If in doubt about what size to get always size up - click to see KONG's Size Guide

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