Ultima Memory Foam Dog Bed

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    Let your dog enjoy ultimate comfort with this memory foam sleeper. With it's dense 10cm memory foam pad, it has two covers, an internal waterproof cover protecting the foam pad from accidents and a high quality outer cover which can be easily removed for washing. 

    It's also eco friendly! - When it comes to the end of it's use the memory foam pad is recyclable. Available in two colours - Grey & Beige, two size options and spare covers.

    Medium: 56 x 81 x 10cm
    Large: 71 x 107 x 10cm


    • A dense 10cm memory foam pad for optimum comfort.
    • The cover zip opens across 2 sides to enable easy removal.
    • High quality washable fabric cover.
    • Waterproof inner cover.
    • Machine washable at 40° - covers only
    • Eco Friendly - The memory foam is recyclable

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